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Sanford Mill Condominium Association Newsflash

October/November 2006





It looks like our warm New England winter has come to an end, however, every week of good weather that we enjoyed during December and the first half of January brings us closer to Spring……


We would like to remind all dog owners when they are walking their dog to pick up their dog’s excrement with a “doggie bag”.   We have received complaints that owners/residents are leaving their dog’s mess behind for others to walk in or look at.  Please be mindful of your neighbors and the common grounds of your home.  We would hope that everyone who resides at Sanford Mill takes pride in the surroundings in which they live.


Now that the New Year is upon us, we ask all residents to check their hot water heaters for warranty expiration.  If your warranty has expired, please have your hot water heater checked by a licensed plumber for any possible leaks or rust.   If you have not previously sent us your warranty information or plumber’s check up form, now is the time to send this in.  As you may know, we have had major water damage at Sanford Mill due to hot water heaters leaking or bursting.  Please help us keep your condo fee down by not increasing the insurance premium due to a loss for catastrophic water damage.  We ask that you send us this information no later than February 23.   Please mail to P. O. Box 2283, Plainville, MA 02762 or fax to 508 695-9081.   We thank you in advance for helping us with this extremely important issue.  Should you have specific questions regarding this subject, please feel free to call our office at 508 695-9006.


We are pleased to announce that Sanford Mill has a new Trustee – Nanette Glenny of Unit 8 (the gatehouse) has agreed to join the Board of Trustees due to the resignation of Sara Coleman.   We welcome Nanette to the Board and look forward to working with her in the upcoming months.







Unfortunately, someone has discarded a computer monitor in the rear stairway in Building One.  We would like to inform all residents that computer monitors and computer towers can be taken to --  Millis Used Auto Parts, 1465 Main Street, Millis 02054, 508 376-8700.  They will take your monitor for a cost of $25.00 and your computer tower for a cost of $5.00.  We ask the owner of the computer monitor that was discarded on the stairway landing to retrieve the monitor and dispose of it properly.  Thank you.


During the holiday season, there were a number of boxes that were either not broken down or were left inside the front portion of the dumpster container.  It is helpful when throwing away your trash to push your trash as far back as possible into the container so that each resident is able to maximize the usage of the dumpster container.  If you should see that the dumpster is filled towards the front of the container, there is a rake hanging on the fence at the rear of the dumpster for your convenience in pushing the trash back towards the rear of the container.  Also, please note that there are two side openings to the dumpster container – one on each side of the container. 


We have received several complaints about vehicles parking in the Fire Lanes in the parking areas.  Please note that these Fire Lanes are to be used by emergency vehicles only and are not to be used for “running into your unit for a moment”, vendor parking, realtor parking, etc.  We thank you for your help and your courtesy towards your neighbors.


Sooner or later the snow will come -- Below is a reminder of the “snow guidelines”.


  • The priority for the snowplow vendor during a storm is to keep the main roadway/driveway open so that residents and or emergency vehicles can gain access to the lots.
  • If the forecast is for snow, please do not park in the upper parking lot.  Please use your second deeded space.  After the upper parking lot is cleared and clean, then you may move your vehicle to the upper lot.
  • The snowplow vendor cannot do individual spaces upon request.
  • The snowplow vendor will plow spaces after the snow stops and will return the next day after the storm to perform the “clean up” of the lots.
  • Because Sanford Mill parking is so tight, it is difficult to maneuver the plow into a tight area – please be patient – they are trying to do their best under difficult circumstances.

If it is at all possible, after clearing your front and back windshield, please clear off the main portion of your car in the rear parking lot (visitor spaces). 


Sanford Mill
Medway, MA 02053