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Sanford Mill Condo Association
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Welcome to the Sanford Mill Condominium Association website. The site is managed by the Trustees of the Condominium Association and is designed to provide useful information for homeowners.

The Unit Owners organization is the Sanford Mill Condominium Trust and each owner has an interest in the trust inproportion to the percentage of undivided ownership interest in the common areas and facilities to which his/her unit is entitled.  The Trustees of the Association administer the budget, plan and authorize repairs and improvement of the property, and oversee management services.
The Association contracts with Franklin Square Management for management services.  Franklin Square collects monthly condo fees, arranges repair and maintenance, addresses infractions of condominium policies, and provides regular updates to unit owners.  Contact Franklin Square for questions about condo fees, billing, maintenance requests, etc.



The Trustees meet monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Homeowners are welcome to attend the meeting and can contact the Franklin Square Management office at 508-695-9006 for specifics on meeting times and locations.  The annual homeowners meeting of the Association is held in May with an informational meeting in the fall.


Sanford Mill
Medway, MA 02053