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Sanford Mill Condo Association


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Windows – we have had reports that the windows in the units are beginning to be troublesome for residents in that the windows seem to fall out of the track in towards the inside of a unit.  There is a possibility that Franklin Glass in Franklin may give a discount if enough owners were to replace their windows at one time.  Should you be interested in a group discount to replace windows, please call Franklin Square for more information.



 As most residents are aware, hot water heater disasters have been a hot topic over the last 6 months.  After many meetings and discussions centered on the prevention of water catastrophes at Sanford Mill, the Board of Trustees has voted on these final rules for all owners to follow.  The following information must be received by Franklin Square Management no later than December 15, 2004, by mail to P.O. Box 2283, Plainville, MA 02762 or by fax (508-695-9081)


1.       Please send along the date your hot water heater was manufactured;

2.       Please send along proof of a yearly current inspection by a licensed plumber;

3.       The above information will need to be in the Sanford Mill files in order to obtain a 6-d certificate for re-sale of your unit.

4.       It is highly recommended that your hot water heater be replaced prior to 7 years from the manufacturer’s date.

Visitor Parking
Please alert Franklin Square Management if you need to use visitor parking for a guest for an extended period of time as the association has had recent problems with abandoned vehicles in visitor parking.  We have a limited number of visitor parking spaces and they are not to be used on a regular basis for unit owner's cars. 

Please remind service staff and guests to park in visitor parking when visiting/servicing your unit.  It is very inconvenient for your neighbors if their parking spaces are used or blocked by visitors.

Upcoming Maintenance and Repair

____Cleaning Company cleans the common areas of the property on ____

Sanford Mill
Medway, MA 02053