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We would like to remind residents again that each unit has Two Deeded Parking Spaces and Visitors (realtors, guests, vendors) must park in the Visitor Spaces in the upper parking lot and in the rear parking lot. 

We would like to call attention to the parking spaces at Sanford Mill.  As many of you are aware, parking in some of the spaces can be a challenge.  We ask that all residents make an effort to park in the middle of their space.  Parking off to one side of a space does not allow for the next person to park correctly or to get in and out of their car.  We have had reports of denting of car doors because of this issue.  A little courtesy towards your neighbor goes a long way.  Thank you.


New Carpeting will be installed in the front and rear foyers of Building One along with the hallways of Floors One and Two.  Building Two will also receive new carpeting in the foyer along with the main stairway.  This project will take place on August 28 and August 29.  Please be aware that there may be some inconvenience in these areas as they install the carpeting.


Recently, an owner’s vehicle was vandalized in the parking lot.  This vehicle had a rear brake/backup light smashed.  We ask that residents be vigil gent in keeping a “watchful eye” in the parking areas of the community. 


We have seen an increase in cigarette butts being left in the parking and common areas.  Please remember that the grounds and entrances at Sanford Mill are the entrance to the peace and tranquility of your home.  We thank you for taking the time to dispose of cigarette butts properly.


We remind all to continue to check your hot water heaters for leaks, your garbage disposals for rust (which leads to leaks), and turning your washing machine hoses off when not in use.  There have been many water catastrophes at Sanford Mill costing many thousands of dollars to homeowners and insurance rate hikes from our insurance company.  It takes just a few moments to check these water items, but you will be glad you did.We would like to inform all residents that Building One, Floors One and Two will be having new carpeting installed.  The installation should take place within the next month or so.  Several areas will be freshly painted, including the main foyer of Building One, the common area at the main elevator, and the stairwells of Building Two.  We look forward to a fresh clean look for these areas.


Recently, a small fire was noticed in one of the mulched areas.  Someone had put out a cigarette in the mulch, which smoldered and fueled a small fire.  Luckily, it was noticed and put out.   Please be cognizant of where you dispose of your cigarettes.


We would like to remind all that the 5-minute parking spaces are for unloading groceries and packages and are not to be used for general parking.  From time to time there have been residents that have required an ambulance or oxygen delivery.  If the 5-minute spaces are not open, it makes it very difficult for these emergency vehicles to get entrance areas.  Additionally, please inform all guests that they should park in the parking spots marked for visitors.  Everyone thanks you for your courtesy to your neighbors. 


Raccoons …….a resident was met recently with a raccoon at the dumpster.  Please be sure that the doors of the dumpster are closed so as not to invite unwanted guests.  


We would like to inform all residents that Sanford Mill is not required to install carbon monoxide detectors.  There are no utilities at Sanford Mill that are of a fossil fuel burning nature.  All utilities are electric and therefore detectors do not need to be installed in units or in the common areas.


We would like to remind all dog owners that dogs must be walked to relieve themselves at the wooded area in the upper parking lot.  You must pick up the dog excrement with a baggie/pooper scooper.  We have had reports that there are dog droppings in the walkway area between Bldg. One and Bldg. Two and in other common areas where residents walk.  Dog urine kills bushes and plants.  Please do your part to maintain the outside of your home. 


In the near future, the foyer at Bldg. One will be painted and the stairwells in Building 2 will also be painted.   Spring cleaning is scheduled for early May where the common area carpeting will be cleaned. 


A couple of residents have reported that their vehicles have been scratched/vandalized in the past month or so.  We ask that everyone keep an extra eye for strangers or teenagers that might be about the property.  Please call the Medway Police Department should you notice anything suspicious.


If you notice the recycling toters are filled or overflowing, please do not leave items outside of the toters.  Please deposit overflow items into the dumpster.


We would like to suggest to each owner the purchase of a carbon monoxide detector for their unit. 


We would like to remind all residents that the common hallways cannot be used for personal storage – boots, rubbish bags, carriages, etc.  This is not only an aesthetic issue, but a safety issue for a building evacuation.


Please remember that you are in close proximity to your neighbors – sometimes sounds carry through the walls that one might not think of.  Please be mindful when shutting kitchen cabinet doors, etc.


A winter tip for all…….it might be helpful to keep in your vehicle a small snow shovel for those times when you may need to dig out around your car.  During snow storms, it is not always possible for the plow to immediately have each car plowed out at the same time. 


We hope all are enjoying the new intercom system.  Should you experience any technical problems with the system, please be sure to call Franklin Square Management at 508 695-9006.  Franklin Square’s telephone number is available on a 24/7 basis – after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends the 508 695-9006 goes directly to the Franklin Square answering service for after hour emergencies. 



When throwing away your boxes into the dumpster during the Holiday Season, please remember to break them down for maximum usage of the space inside the dumpster.

Newspaper Delivery for the residents at Sanford Mill has become an issue. There have been a number of instances where it appears that individuals have been taking newspapers that do not belong to them.  If an owner has paid for a subscription to a newspaper, please do the right thing and do not take a newspaper that you do not pay for.  


Insurance Resolution

After several meetings of discussion involving water catastrophes, insurance involvement, and the potential of hot water heaters leaking or bursting, the Board of Trustees has finalized the attached “Resolution” which is now part of the Sanford Mill Condominium Documents.  Please read this resolution carefully to be sure that you understand this document.


(a)           Each Unit Owner shall have the duty to replace the hot water tank serving his or her Unit by no later than sixty (60) months from the date of such hot water tank’s installation in the Unit.


(b)          Each Unit Owner shall have the duty to demonstrate that he or she is properly maintaining, repairing or replacing the hot water tank serving his or her Unit pursuant to Article V, 5.2.1 by delivering to the Trustees documented evidence by a Licensed Plumber: (i) within sixty (60) days of the date hereof, that the hot water tank in his or her Unit is in good working order and not in need of repair or replacement; and (ii) the age of hot water tank and its expected remaining useful life.  Thereafter, each Unit Owner shall deliver to the Trustees such evidence at least annually.  Time hereof is of the essence.


(c)           The Trustees hereby give notice that the failure of any Unit Owner to provide the foregoing documentation to the Trustees in a timely manner as set forth above (i) shall be considered to be a failure of such Unit Owner to remedy a condition which the Trustees deem to be hazardous to the occupants thereof, to other Units and to the Common Areas and Facilities pursuant to Article V, S 5.2.2 of the Trust, and (ii) shall entitle the Trustees to exercise their rights under Sec. 5.2.2 to remedy the same including, without limitation, the right both to inspect such hot water tank(s) and to repair or replacement of any such hot water tank, if necessary, with all costs thereof chargeable to the applicable Unit Owner as provided in Article V, S 5.2.2.



The cost of the Trust’s insurance policy deductible amount shall be assessed, as follows:


(a)          Losses Due to In-Unit Hot Water Tank Leakage


If the loss is covered by the Trust’s master insurance policy, the Trustees shall assess the full deductible amount solely to the owner of the Unit in which the hot water tank leaked, regardless of the location(s) of resulting damage.


(b)          Other Losses Related Solely to the Common Areas and Facilities:


Except for assessment of the deductible in the case of damage caused by leaking in-unit hot water tank as set forth above, the Trustees may pay the deductible amount for all other covered losses either from (i) available Trust funds, or (ii) assess the full amount of the deductible to all Unit Owners as a common expense


c) Losses Related Solely to One Unit:                      

Except for assessment of the deductible in the case of damage caused by a leaking in-unit hot water tank as set forth above, the Trustees shall assess the full deductible amount to the owner(s) of the Unit to which the loss pertains.



The Sanford Mill Website


A weblog has also been set up so owners can publish comments, ideas and recommendations to share with other owners.  The website and blog address is:              

When posting a comment to the blog, we advise you NOT to add your email address to the comment as it will be published on the blog for all to see.  We hope that this site is informative for everyone and is a new avenue to share information with your fellow owners.  However, it does not supplant the role of Franklin Square Management in responding to time-sensitive or owner-specific issues or concerns.


Reminder Items


        We have recently become aware that residents may be buzzing in unknown individuals if their unit buzzer rings.  For the safety of yourself and your fellow neighbors, residents should only “buzz in” individuals that they know or are expecting.  Your community is kept safe by this buzzer system and should be used accordingly.  Thank you in advance for your help to protect yourself and your neighbors.



As a result of the storm that the Medway area experienced on Friday evening, August 5, the Mill was without power for over 7 hours, thereby rendering the elevator inoperable upon the return of power to the Mill.  We received 2 emergency calls from residents during the storm on Friday.  One from a resident who reported the alarm system buzzing constantly and the other from a resident who experienced a roof leak. 


We would like to remind all residents that Franklin Square Management has an on-call emergency representative after 5:00 p.m. during the weekdays and 24-hour service during the weekend.  You may reach the emergency representative by calling 508-695-9006 anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you see or experience an emergency, please call this phone number.  Someone will respond immediately.  Please do not assume that someone else has called in an emergency that may affect the building or residents.  We thank you for caring about the community in which you live.





Recently, the fencing around the perimeter of the parking lot and building was powerwashed and painted, Building 2 roof has had preventive maintenance work performed and Building 1 roof is in the process of a preventive maintenance survey. 


Timely Tips

Now that vacations are upon us, we would like to remind Sanford Mill residents to ----

 Be sure to shut off the water supply to your water heater if you are going to be away overnight. This will prevent a problem should your tank have a leak or burst.


Please be sure that you have your own individual homeowner’s policy.  This not only covers your personal belongings if a catastrophe happens, it will be helpful to you since the master insurance policy has a deductible of $10,000.


Washing machines – please be sure that your washing machine hoses are the metal type.  This type is least likely to burst.  Please remember to shut the water off to your washing machine after each use.     







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