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Sanford Mill Condo Association
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Timely Tips

Helpful hints for homeowners 

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Check your hot water tank often for leakage….the best time may be after you have used hot water for a shower, dishwasher, etc.  It is recommended that you look for rust on the bottom of the hot water tank or any dripping of water.  When you are away, it may be best to turn off the hot water tank to prevent a catastrophe while you are away.



Check your garbage disposal for rotting on the bottom – run your hand under the bottom of the disposal – it should be smooth feeling – if it is rusted or beginning to rust – it is time for a new disposal.  The water lines are all interconnected in the area under your sink.



Check your washing machine hoses – it is highly recommended that you have stainless steel hoses to your water connection and that you shut off your washing machine connection while not in use.  Rubber hoses can burst and can cause a major water catastrophe to your unit and other units.



Fire Horn Code -  The fire horn code for Sanford Mill is eight blasts of the horn 3 times.



If you need a 6-D Certificate for a refinancing or a closing, Franklin Square Management will need at least a 5-day notice for the preparation of the document.  Please call 508 695-9006 to obtain the 6-D certificate.



If you need to gain access to either the cable room or if your heat pump is located in the tower room and it needs replacement or repair, please call Franklin Square at least 48 hours in advance.



If you need plumbing repair and your plumber needs to have the water shut down in the building, please give Franklin Square Management 48 hours notice so that they can prepare a notice to all owners for the water shut down.


Sanford Mill
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